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Introducing the Really Fun Wine Course…

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The fun and easy way to learn about wine

touchup 89 240 pxHello, my name is Mark Adams.  I am a former winery owner, professional winemaker, author and frequent speaker on wine.  I’ve had the opportunity to teach thousands of people about wine over the years. Ya know, in the beginning, most people are intimidated about learning wine.

But in reality, wine is pretty easy to learn.  It just takes somebody who is knowledgeable showing you how, in the right way.

So when I decided to start teaching wine classes, I was determined not to teach classes in the “traditional” way of breaking down wine regions and boring memorization. I wanted people to enjoy wine as I do, not be frustrated by it.

So I created a series of classes that emphasized the fun and easy parts of wine, not the long-winded boring stuff and you know what? 

My classes became a huge success!

Since I’m only one person and can’t teach live wine classes to everyone, I decided to create this course with the most important topics we cover in our classes.   Here’s an outline on what you’ll receive.


wine-educationReally Fun Wine Course Outline

Our Really, Really Fun Wine Course contains 45 videos of step by step instruction. 

It has everything you need to know about wine and how to enjoy wine like a pro.


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Section 1:  Getting Started- Welcome to your new wine life!people222x150

1.  Welcome
2.  Understanding Those Crazy Wine Words
3.  How to Determine Your Unique Wine Flavor Profile
4.  How to Properly Taste Wine and Describe Flavors


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Section 2:  Stuff Ya Need To Know

5.   How to Open a Wine Bottle and not look like a spaz.
6.   All You Need to Know About Wine Glasses
7.   The Right Temperature makes all the difference in taste
8.   How to Store your wine and some tips to make opened wine last longer
9.   How To Read a Wine Label like you actually know what you’re doing

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Section 3:  White Wine Variety Videoswhite wines

10.  How To Learn Your White Wine Varieties
11.  White Zinfandel
12.  Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio
13.  Riesling
14.  Gewurtztraminer
15.  Sauvignon Blanc
16.  Chardonnay

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red wineSection 4:  Red Wine Variety Videos

17.  How to Learn Your Red Wine Varieties
18.  Merlot
19.  Pinot Noir
20.  Beaujolais
21.  Sangiovese/Chianti
22.  Rioja
23.  Malbec
24.  Cabernet Sauvignon
25.  Zinfandel
26.  Shiraz/Syrah

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Section 5:  Champagne and Sparkling WinesHow to Open Champagne


27.  How to open the bottle and not shoot your eye out
28.  Champagne, sparkling wine and Cava…Oh my!


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wine partySection 6:  Now you know your wines, have a party!

29.  How to host a wine party and 3 really great theme ideas
30.  How much wine will I need for my party
31.  What party would be complete without dessert wine
32.  Ice Wines
33.  Ports

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Section 7:  Care for a little food with that wine?
wine and food


34.  How to pair wine and food
35.  How to pair wine and chocolate
36.  How to pair wine and cheese
37.  Did somebody say Sangria?  Lots of fun ways to mix wine with other things
38.  How to order wine in a restaurant

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wine tastingSection 8:  Stuff That’s Fun to Know

39.  What to Expect When You Visit a Winery
40.  Why red wine has heath benefits
41.  How to determine if you’ll like a wine before you buy it
42.  How to Shop for Wine
43.  Should you decant your wine
44.  The difference between American and European Wines

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Section 9:  Whoo-hooo!  How does it feel to be a wine expert?

45.  How to enjoy your new found skills!

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No Experience Necessary

When the topic of wine comes up do you say:  I don’t know much about wine or do you think everybody else in the room knows more about wine than you?  Good…then these videos were designed for you.

I don’t talk like a wine snob or use industry lingo.  Just simple conversational language, that’s designed to help you get over the hurdle of learning about wine.  You’ll be able to follow these lessons effortlessly.

In fact, with our wine videos, you’ll know more about wine than 95% of people in no time!


You Can Start Just Moments From Now

Because our wine course is web video based, you can start watching and enjoying wine literally minutes from now…even if it’s 3 a.m. in the morning or a holiday weekend…and from any computer in the world!


How Much?

But one of the best things of this course is how affordable it is.  It’s very expensive to create DVD’s and workbooks and all of the other stuff that goes into making a traditional wine course.  So I decided to make this an online video course and pass the savings on to you.

This also allows me to combine multiple classes and lots of other content into one course for less than the price of attending one wine class.  In this course you receive a password and then you can view your videos online as many times as you like and at your own pace.

Our complete course is just $49.

What do you get for this price?   You’ll get full access to all of our 45 training videos.   You can watch and learn from them as much as you want.  There is no expiration date.  You’ll have unlimited access to view these videos.


You’ll also receive 5 FREE Bonuses


Here is a sample video

There’s Even a No Risk Money Back Guarantee


Here is a another sample video

You’ve always wanted to know about wine

Now’s your chance

I believe there will come a time in the near future when you are at an occasion that has wine and one of two things will happen.

1.  You will realize that you are truly enjoying wine for the very first time. You’re not intimidated, you know what wine to order and there are people in the room who ASK YOU about wine!


2.  You do nothing today and at this party you will continue to do what you have always done, feel a little left out, hope the wine you are drinking goes with what your are eating.

You won’t have the confidence to try new varieties and you will be stuck drinking the same ole wine over and over.   THIS IS NOT NECESSARY!

Don’t let this happen. Order Your Really, Really Fun Wine Course Now!


Mark Adams

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